The 3-Step Optimal Hydration Technique

Water doesn’t get the same headlines that weight-loss wonder pills
like Garcinia Camboga get for their fantastic weight loss claims.

Water’s not sexy enough.

People don’t want to hear the same old song and dance anymore.

People want to lose weight.

They say they want to lose 10-12 pounds, but they rarely dream that they could achieve their high school graduation weight with the right amount of work and determination in half the time they think it would. If they had the right diet, exercise, and supplement program.

And people want to be able to focus better.

They’re tired of falling asleep at their desk an hour after lunch break.

And they wouldn’t mind having enough energy to enjoy life a little more.

Could you imagine how much more you would enjoy life
if you had just a little bit more energy?

Work wouldn’t take so much out of you.
You’d sail through your day much more easily.
Life would feel a little bit less heavy.

Do you know how to make life a little easier?

By making it lighter. Which is easier to lift, a light object or a heavy object?


You know what helps make things lighter?

Water helps make things lighter.

Water is very good at making things lighter. Even very heavy things can float on water. River boats, barges, and even houses can float on water.

If you want to enjoy greater energy and focus, and make your life in general feel lighter than it does right now,
then you need to increase your hydration level.

Getting yourself well-hydrated so you can experience a "Life Less Heavy" is much easier than you think.

Before we get into the 3-Step Optimal Hydration Technique I want to share with you:

The 3 "Ultra-Sexy" Benefits of Better Hydration


Your body generates energy from the inside of your cells.

This is where your mitochondria reside.
Your mitochondria are the energy supply source of the body.
When the mitochondria lose power your body loses energy.

So the key to greater energy is keeping your energy supply source fully-stocked.

You have to keep your mitochondria happy
so your energy levels can stay high when you want them to.

Your mitochondria like to be well-hydrated
because energy flows more smoothly through a well-hydrated machine.

Think about a bolt of lightning striking the surface of a lake or pond. Its energy spreads over the surface of the water very quickly.

So if your mitochondria are well-hydrated, you’ll have more energy than when you’re dehydrated.


If you have :

  • too much energy, especially at night
  • difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • nervousness, anxiety
  • emotional outbursts, anger

Then not only are you dehydrated
but you’re also not absorbing fat properly.

Dietary fat has an extreme relaxing effect on the body.

When it is absorbed properly, dietary fat can positively affect
relaxation, sleep, and a greater ability to accept life in all its beauty.

Even in hardship and struggle
life has a limitless supply of precious beauty for us to observe
if we can allow ourselves to see it.

Fat in our diet,
when we absorb it properly,
gives us a greater ability to
relax, sleep, and enjoy life.

The omega 3s, 6s, and 9s found in the foods we eat
or the nutritional supplements we take
are like “fat crack” for the pleasure receptors in our brain.

When we strike the proper balance of 3s, 6s, and 9s,
and saturated vs. unsaturated fat,
our pleasure centers are stimulated and life in general is more pleasant.


If you do enjoy life and don’t really suffer from depression,
but occasionally fall into anger and other heightened emotions,
or have difficulty falling or staying asleep
then it is more likely that your body has a calcium deficiency.

Calcium is the most calming and grounding of all the minerals.

A topographical analysis of the earth’s crust demonstrates that
the greatest percentage of any one single element contained within it is that of calcium.

When you consume enough daily calcium in your diet or in supplement form
and are able to absorb it properly,

you feel more calm and grounded.

Your root chakra enjoys a better energetic connection with the earth's crust.

Which is made primarily of calcium.

It’s the Law of Attraction in action—your body contains more calcium, and you feel more connected or attracted to the Earth.

The result is a more powerful root chakra,
and you feeling more safe, protected, and supported.

Calcium in the Earth's Crust

Calcium makes up the greatest percentage of the Earth's crust. When you consume enough calcium, and absorb it properly, your Root Chakra will enjoy a better energetic connection with the Earth.


Focus is the ability to concentrate on a single object for an extended period of time.

It’s almost like meditation, but with intentional active thinking involved,
rather than the quieting of the mind for the journey ahead.

Focus involves extending your attention outward towards an object.

Your ability to maintain that connection
and to keep the transmission flowing smoothly
depends on how well-hydrated you are.

Remember our lightning-touching-water example?

Energy travels more quickly and smoothly on well-hydrated surfaces.

In this case, however, the neurons in our brain become the surface of that lake or pond
when the lightning struck it.

Our neurons, acting like the surface of the lake,
are “electrified” by our thoughts.

Our ability to think, and to keep thinking
about one problem, long enough to solve it
depends on how well-hydrated our brains are.

Our brains are supposed to be 85% water.

85% percent.


Having greater energy and focus is wonderful
as long as you can turn it off at night
to get some much-needed down time.

In order to achieve the physical state
required for deep sleep
the brain needs to “power down”.

Sleep is the time when our bodies repair and heal,
our best opportunity to preserve our youth
to “re-calibrate our instrument” so to speak…

…which in this case might be the soul itself…

But the brain won’t “power down” and allow us to fully absorb
all of the revitalizing benefits that sleep has to offer
unless it feels safe.

If the brain doesn’t feel safe it won’t drop its guard long enough
for us to get some decent sleep.

Do you think the brain would feel safe if it was on fire?

Do you think it would let its guard down enough at night
to allow you to get into the deepest, most healing phases of sleep
if it were going up in flames?


Those “flames” I’m talking about are the flames of inflammation.

Inflammation means “too many flames” or “too much heat”.

It also means not enough water to put the flames out.

When your body is dehydrated your inflammation levels are higher.
Your brain has a harder time relaxing.
You don’t sleep as deeply as you need to.
Your body falls behind on its repairs, which it can only make while you’re sleeping.

You start to “feel your age”.

All because you’re not sleeping
because you’re brain is burning down
because you’re dehydrated.

The 3-Step Optimal Hydration Technique For Greater Energy, Focus, & Sleep

By now I’m assuming you’re still reading because I’ve convinced you
that could be better hydrated than you are right now.

And you want to know the 3-Step Optimal Hydration Process For Greater Energy and Other Stuff, Too.

Very well, here it is without further ado:


Half your bodyweight in ounces of water is a good place to start.

The less fat and more muscle you have the more water you need.
If you fall into this category you should consume 20-40 ounces more
than half your bodyweight in ounces of water.

The more fat and less muscle you have the less water you can absorb.
If you fall into this category you should consume 10-20 ounces less
than half your bodyweight in ounces of water
because you’re not capable of absorbing that much water,
and you might not pee it out, you might retain it.

The standard rule is that if your blood pressure above 140
you should drink slightly less,

and if your blood pressure is below 110
you should drink slightly more.


While you’re breathing at night you’re losing body water.

Your body is less-hydrated in the morning when you wake up
than it is as you consume liquids throughout the day.

So you want to drink your water early in the day.

A lot of times my energy doesn’t go high enough in the morning
to lift my “brain fog” until I’ve had 25% of my daily water requirement.

At 208 lbs. and 12% body fat
I require about 140 ounces of water
to function optimally throughout the day.

I don’t start to feel my energy level rise or my slight “brain fog” start to lift
until I’ve consumed at least 35 ounces (25% of my total) water requirement for the day.

I try to start hydrating as soon as I wake up
because I know the sooner I get myself hydrated
the sooner I can absorb maximal enjoyment from my day
and make it feel less heavy than it needs to.

And, no, you can't use coffee to wake yourself up.
If you're the type of person who needs coffee to wake up your brain in the morning,
then not only are you dehydrated but your thyroid is suffering as well.

The 3 Optimal Water Time Zones


You begin every morning of your life slightly dehydrated
because your body doesn’t stop working
just because you’re busy sleeping.

Your body has to keep your heart beating and your lungs breathing
so you can fully enjoy the peaceful relaxation of a good night’s sleep.

And your body needs to be well-hydrated to accomplish
such physiological feats as properly maintained heart and lung function.

The cooler you can keep your body temperature at night the less water you’ll lose.

Your body will stay hydrated longer into the night,
and you’ll get more hours of deep sleep
than you would if you were dehydrated.

You only get into deep sleep when your body makes melatonin,
and your body has a rough time making melatonin when you’re warm.

Without that melatonin you don’t sleep deeply.

Have you ever tried sleeping in a hot room in the middle of summer without air conditioning?

You don’t sleep very well, do you?
That’s because your body (and brain, specifically)
can’t cool down to a low enough temperature
to produce optimal levels of melatonin
to get you into the deeper phases of sleep.

The cooler you can get your body before sleep
the more well-hydrated you keep your body during the night.

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