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Uncover the secrets to overcome ydisease and take confident action towards optimizing your life. Follow Dr. Michael McGovern on his personal journey, learning the steps he took to achieve greater physical and emotional health. Whether you’re struggling to overcome physical symptoms or striving for a fuller expression of living, the methods shared in this book have the power to transform your life forever.

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A Word from Dr. McGovern

Headshot1 smallThe greatest healing minds in history—from Hippocrates to Buddha—sought knowledge and wisdom to heal themselves as well as others. It is only by walking your own path of healing that you can help other travelers on their road. Although their paths were unique to their own lessons, the end goal was the same—less suffering and greater happiness.

The content laid out in this book was integral in guiding my own Journey. The diet and nutritional supplement techniques helped me overcome almost every physical symptom I suffered from, many of which I had experienced throughout most of my life.

It is possible to overcome health challenges that others say cannot be changed.  I'm living proof of that.  It simply takes persistence to stick with a few healthy lifestyle behaviors long enough to see a positive change. I look forward to hearing your transformation stories as you march forward and take charge of your life.

In health,

Dr. Michael McGovern

What You'll Learn:

  • How Saliva Testing Can Provide Major Clues to Better Health
  • Where to Find the Highest Quality Supplements
  • What My Sickest Patients with the Worst Health Conditions Have in Common
  • How Cancer and Sleep are Linked
  • How Beliefs Can Foster Change
  • Natural Ways to Optimize Thyroid Function
  • Your Unique Chemistry and The Metabolic Blueprint Diet

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