Welcome to Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center online. We offer a variety of alternative and holistic-oriented treatment options to restore your health, energy, and vitality.

We have cash rates available for all services, and we also accept in-network Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, United Healthcare, CIGNA, Aetna, and Medicare insurance reimbursement.

For any questions or to book your first appointment, you can reach us at (847) ALL - BACK.

New Patient Intake Form

You can fill out your New Patient Intake Form and send it to us electronically by clicking the link below. Once we receive your paperwork via email, we'll call you to set up your 1st appointment.

New Patient Intake Form

30-minute Consultation (FREE)

Perhaps you're new to the alternative medical field and want to know more about how our wellness services can help you reach your health goals.  Call us at (847) 255-2225 to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation with Dr. Michael E. McGovern to learn about alternative treatments for your specific needs.

The Wellness Exam

Need to lose weight, increase your energy and focus, or sleep more deeply? This service can help you figure out how! Each new patient in our office receives a Wellness Exam which measures body fat percent, hydration, "real age", bone density, lean mass, vitamin & mineral deficiency testing, and food sensitivity testing.  To learn more click here.


Chiropractic treatments realign the spine to promote optimal flow of energy through the body.  Adjustments are non-invasive and keep the posture in a state of harmony and balance.  When tension is released from the joints and ligaments the muscles are free to create a more fluid motion.  Tightness and discomfort subside, breathing becomes easier, and life is more enjoyable.

There are many different chiropractic techniques, and not all chiropractors perform the same treatment. To learn more Dr. Mike's approach to chiropractic, as well as pricing and insurance options, click here.


Your body is only as good as the fuel you give it to run on, and it’s hard to look and feel your best with subpar diet and nutrition.  Our diet & nutritional counseling services will teach you what to eat and why, and give you the tools you need to be immediately successful in your goals including grocery shopping lists, calorie guidelines, customized supplement programs, and more!

To learn more click here.


Reconnect with yourself on a deeper level with one of several massage options including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, or our very own MindBodySpirit massage incorporating Young Living Essential Oils.

To learn more click here.


Re-align your body’s energy fields with Chinese Acupuncture, a technique used for thousands of years to clear the mind by releasing trapped energy stored in the body.

To learn more click here.